Ocean transportation of reefer cargo

For transportation temperature sensitive cargoes used reefer containers.

It is very important to consider all technical aspects of transportation, which are under carriers, shipper’s  and terminal control. We trust in our suppliers and beleive that no problems will be occured there

We have AN experience

Considering high cost of mistakes in reefer business (demurrage / storage cost is on order higher than for regular equipment) it is also important to cooperate with reliable and professional forwarder who should help to avoid dispensable errors and save money for the customer. Wrong arranged documentation,  delays in situations when urgent decision should be made-all that can be a cause for additional charges.

Regret, we didn’t avoid such mistakes at our business in the past, but now we can say that we know what to do to avoid such problems in the future.

We are responsible for YOUR cargo

Our stuff has great experience in arranging transportation of reefer cargo in containers – fruits, chemicals, deep-frozen products by sea, by rail and by truck.