Ocean container transportation

Container transportation is one of the most dynamic sector of logistic.
Few years ago world was amazed by giant containerships with capacity 9 000 – 10 000 TEU. Already today the biggest shipping lines have in use extra great vessels with maximum capacity 16 000 -18 000 TEU. Using bigger vessels, ship owners decrease cost of transportation what makes ocean container transportation more attractive year to year.

Transport cost takes significant weight in final cost of the product and who knows, may be just an optimized transport solutions will help to win battle for new markets and highs.

We are ready to help you to analyze existing transport schemes and propose to improve them.

Cargo from South and West Europe.

Main cargo flow from Europe to Eastern Europe is transported by truck- the fastest and the most simple way. But, sometimes, cost of truck is significantly higher than intermodal solution. Our experience tells us that the merchant can save up to 55 % of transport cost using the most cost effective solution based on sea transportation and optimizing carried weight.

Import on conditions DDU or CIF.

No doubt, that this is more simple and convenient to buy products on conditions where your seller is responsible for all questions, including transport. Especially, if you are not an expert in transport. We are ready to do work as your own logistic department. Just ask your supplier rate in FCA or FOB conditions and compare the final cost on DDU vs. FCA(FOB). Keep in mind that buying products on DDU (CIF) conditions you increase tax base for import duties, while transport part on FOB conditions will reduce your tax base.

Loading container with maximum capacity, not according road limitations.

Due climatic reasons, Belarus has very serious weight limitation for moving cargo by main roads. As a rule, it is possible to load 20-21 tons to the container for the road delivery, without significant price increase.

We are ready to offer another solution, which will allow to load 26-28 tons in container, which will save cost of transportation considering charges for every ton. Choosing optimal solution can save up to 40% of transportation cost, what is especially important for massive and cheap commodities.

Using non-effective transport solution.

Sometimes, finding once the best solution for cargo delivery we stick it for many years. But we are living in fast changing world and it is possible that in current market conditions new solutions becoming more attractive. Part of our business is to monitor market changes and inform the customer about new opportunities to improve existing transport schemes.

Choosing optimal solution can save up to 40% of transportation cost

Export from Belarus.

Group of our companies has control on significant import flows to Belarus which supply us with the possibility to use one-way transport for export bookings. Long term cooperation, friendly and open relations with leading shipping lines helps us to have minimum possible rates for the sea freight. The complex of our pre-carriage and sea freight possibilities is an ideal base for the best conditions for our customers.

May be we simply cheaper than your current transport provider?
May be Your company uses really correct logistic and with the good rate?

We are ready to meet with competition with your current forwarder and try to improve the cost. Our group of the companies has all needed means to offer the best service with the best rate.