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Delivery from the port of Klaipeda

One of the specializations of our company is the organization of the container delivery from the port of Klaipeda.

High level of service for truck delivery!

We also have strong and long-term relationships with motor transport carriers, which allows us to organize the delivery of containers from Klaipeda by road at the top level of service, while maintaining competitive prices.
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Together with the companies of the group, we are ready to offer the best option for the delivery of containers by railway transport.

The operational management has a large fleet of own and leased fitting platforms, which avoids long downtime while waiting for the platforms to be loaded with containers.
Our own office of LLC “Dryport” at Kolyadichi station allows to simplify work at the railway station and organize the delivery of the container to the consignee's warehouse with the minimal time costs.
The professional work of UAB Draiporta minimizes the risks of container delays at the border crossing.