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Transportation from Europe

Transportation from Europe by multimodal mode allows to cut up to 55% of transport charges!

The advantages of intermodal transportation in containers of type 45'High Cube Pallet Wide include:

1. Large load capacity
Up to 30 tons of cargo can be loaded into the container
2. Economic feasibility
The total cost of transportation is at least 20% cheaper than motor transportation, in many cases the savings reach 50-70% based on the cost of transportation per ton
3. Eco-friendliness
Sea and railway transport is more environmentally friendly, compared to delivery by motor transport
4. Efficiency
Rapid border crossing with the EU

Cost saving

Traditionally, general cargo flows from Europe are carried out by motor transport.
Transportation in intermodal traffic, using special 45-foot widened containers (45'High Cube Pallet Wide) is a great alternative to motor transportation.The container holds 33 europallets and has a cargo compartment with a volume of 89 m3.